Flushing Concepts

System-oriented. Documented. Clean!

WESTO oil flushing concepts clean systems most effectively.

  • System related bypasses to bearing and control circuits
  • Temperatures above the operating temperature through mobile heaters
  • Temperature cycling
  • Flushing of the system section-by-section
  • High flow velocities
  • Supporting offline filtration – even during (re)commissioning


Through these measures and the support of the system pumps we achieve the best results in removing the contamination. Our professional documentation and the terminal meetings will ensure to you a maximum of security concerning the executed flushing. We want your equipment to keep running smoothly.

Connectors such as flanges, fittings, ­manifolds, collectors etc. are ­permanently available in large quantities from our stock.

We produce these in our own workshop and therefore we are able to react quickly and flexibly to special requirements.

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