Offline Filtration

We show „size“ to your equipment

Our outstanding expert knowledge and our powerful offline filter trolleys enable economical solutions – including very large volumes of oil – in the shortest possible time.

  • Offline filter trolleys with flows up to 600 L/min
  • Flexible and short-term reaction based on a large stock of machinery
  • Electronic pump speed control to adapt the flow to temperature / viscosity
  • increased pumpability by use of mobile WESTO heaters

In cooperation with you we will determine the technically and economically appropriate cleanliness classes for your systems and support you with adequate offline filter trolleys. To keep your equipment running for a longer time.


Particulate contamination is generated either gradually or spontaneously. It leads to wear and accelerated oil aging.

Research by the institute MIT in the USA show that approx. 70 % of all fluid power system failures are – directly or indirectly – caused by contamination of the operating fluid.


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