Maintenance support

We keep an eye on all of your equipment


As a full service supplier we support you during the maintenance of your production machinery. We take care of all necessary labour from the draining of the reservoir until the flushing during recommissioning to ensure well groomed operating fluids and lubrication systems.

  • Reservoir draining and cleaning
  • Temporary storage or appropriate disposal of the oil
  • Cleaning and overhaul of filters and coolers (including chemical cleanning)
  • System flushing (as per WESTO flushing concepts, see p. 14/15)
  • Accumulator revision by our certified personnel
  • Flushing during recommissioning
  • Professional documentation

The excellent competence and engagement of our employees including the use of the „correct“ treatment systems by WESTO will lead to the desired results: economical, on schedule while always respecting accident prevention and environmental regulations.

During commissioning very often further particles are set free. To ensure the removal of these particles we recommend the temporary use of an offline filtration. This aspect is of utmost importance when new oil is applied as this has an increased and persisting contamination dissolving capacity.

WESTO has a large number of powerful ­systems at its disposal, therefore we are also able to support the maintenaince of ­several large systems simultaneously.

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